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Parallel-hole collimators are made with holes that are parallel to each other and per- pendicular to the detector face and have between 4000 and 46 discount 160 mg super p-force oral jelly free shipping impotence over 70,000 holes depending on the collimator design cheap super p-force oral jelly 160mg with amex impotent rage random encounter. These collimators are most commonly used in nuclear medicine procedures and furnish a one-to-one projected image. Because pinhole and converging collimators magnify and the diverg- ing collimators minify the image of the object, some distortion occurs in images obtained with these collimators. Gamma Cameras Parallel-hole collimators are classified as high-resolution, all-purpose, and high-sensitivity type, or low-energy, medium-energy, or high-energy type, depending on the resolution and sensitivity they provide in imaging. High-sensitivity collimators are made with smaller thickness than all- purpose collimators, whereas high-resolution collimators are thickest of all. Fan-beam collimators are designed with holes that converge in one dimension but are parallel to each other in the other dimension. These col- limators are primarily used for imaging smaller objects and hence magnify the images. Cone-beam collimators are similar to fan-beam collimators and magnify the images except that the holes are designed such that they con- verge in two dimensions. In earlier collimators, the holes were originally circular, but current designs have square, hexagonal, or even triangular holes with uniform thick- ness of lead around the opening. TheZ pulse is then subjected to pulse-height analysis and is accepted if it falls within the range of selected energies. X-, Y-Positioning Circuit Each pulse arising out of the g-ray interaction in the NaI(Tl) detector is projected at an X, Y location on the image corresponding to the X, Y loca- tion of the point of interaction of the g-ray. The largest amount of light is received by tube 7, and other tubes receive light in proportion to their distances from the point of interaction. In this case, X− will be greater than X+, and Y+ will be greater than Y−, because the interaction occurred in the upper left quadrant. The X-, Y-designating pulses, X and Y, and the Z pulse are then obtained as follows: Z = X+ + X− + Y+ + Y− (9. Similarly, these pulses can be stored in the computer in a square matrix so that the data can be processed later to reproduce an image. In many gamma cameras, the energy selection is made automatically by push-button–type isotope selectors designated for different radionuclides such as 99mTc, 131I, and so on. In modern cameras, isotope peak and window settings are selected by the mouse-driven menu on a computer monitor interfaced with the camera. These types of cameras are useful in imaging with 111In and 67Ga that possess two or three predominant g-rays. The window settings are provided in percentages of the peak energy by a control knob. For most studies, a 15% to 20% window centered symmetri- cally on the photopeak is employed. Display and Storage In a typical nuclear medicine study, data are collected normally for preset counts (e. Until the mid- 90s, image data were captured on x-ray film or Polaroid film or stored on magnetic tapes, laser disks, and the like. Digital Cameras It is seen from the above description that the X- and Y-pulses are obtained in analog form and are projected on different display and recording systems. Such analog processing inherently includes instability in pulse formation and results in image nonlinearity and nonuniformity. To correct for these effects and also for the manipulation of data at a later time, analog data are digitized to be stored in a matrix map in a computer. The digitized data are later retrieved for further processing to display on video monitors. Each signal is then normalized by dividing it with the sum of all digital signals arising from the same scintillation event.

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